Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF Validator

This service enables you to check that a GeoTIFF file follows the specification of Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF

Files should generally be specified by URLs since it will enable the service to check that the hosting server can honour HTTP Range GET requests, and this will speed-up the checking process itself since only IFDs will be downloaded.

In the case no public URL is available, the file content can be posted to the service, with a 10 MB limit when the service is hosted as a AWS Lambda function.

File URL:
or file upload:

You can also use the API at http://cog-validate.radiant.earth/api/validate that will return the validation result as a JSON document

To submit a file by URL: curl -s "http://cog-validate.radiant.earth/api/validate?url=http://path/to/my.tif"

The code to run this service was built by Even Rouault with support from Planet, + and original code available in this github repo and the service is running this github repo. The web service and hosting is provided by Radiant Earth Foundation